Sector-specific expertise Chemicals & Life Science

Challenges in the sector
The most important challenges in the sector encompass:

  • M&A activities and market concentration
  • further geographical expansion, for example in the Middle East and China
  • portfolio optimization, for example commodities vs. specialities
  • pressure on margins for commodities, and cost reduction as a result of Asian competition
  • strong pressure to innovate as a result of Asian competition, high energy and infrastructure costs
  • high unit wage costs and infrastructure costs in Europe
  • supply chain optimization at regional and global level, e.g. virtual global supply chain
  • skill development, for example through manufacturing excellence academies, and/or sales and marketing academies

Our sector-specific expertise
Cambridge Management Strategy and the management partners can draw upon many years of domestic and international project experience in the chemicals and life sciences industry. Our main fields of competence in project execution included:

  • complex program management across several locations, countries and geographies
  • site excellence and restructuring programmes
  • Operational Excellence program development and implementation domestically and internationally
  • design and implementation of global supply chain optimizations
  • Conceptional design and implementation of corporate maintenance excellence projects
  • Development and realization of OEE and plant availability step change improvements, optimization of shutdown and overhauls
  • design and implementation of shared-services optimization programs
  • training and coaching of executives and employees at local and corporate headquarters level

Our range of services
Cambridge Management Strategy:

  • develops customized and flexible project solutions that are oriented towards concrete needs of its clients
  • is familiar with the current sector-specific operating challenges and megatrends in the chemicals and life science industry
  • develops individual project and solution concepts that take into account the client’s own financial, personnel and organizational framework
  • guides and supports its clients during project execution with regard to methods and technical/functional aspects
  • ensures that the project goals are on schedule, sustainable, measurable and achieved collaboratively with the client